guide to do the tiktok dance

Guide to Do the TikTok Dance

There are so many methods to engage on TikTok, but dancing videos have conquered the platform to the point where you can’t scroll the app without seeing vids of girls doing the “Renegade.” There are tons of super fun songs and dances to try out on the app. And even if you aren’t professional like Charli D’Amelio, you can still totally shine at them and look like a boss. So, want to enter the TikTok dance world? Here are 10 that are incredibly easy to learn and perform.

Popular Songs on TikTok 

Among the most used songs on TikTok, there is certainly the catchphrase “A step from the moon”, a single by Rocco Hunt created in collaboration with Anna Mena. Also, we find Jason Derulo’s two hits “Cono,” along with Puri and “Savage Love – Laxed Siren Beat,” “Karaoke” by Boomdabash, and Alessandra Amoroso, and “TKN” by Rosalia and Travis Scott.

TikTok Dance Song 2020

The songs of the moment could only generate the most popular dances on TikTok: on the notes of “Karaoke”, “Cono”, Savage Love – Laxed Siren Beat “, it was the artists themselves who launched the choreographies to imitate, which they are reproducing in many. Also, “TKN” by Rosalia and Travis Scott is among the most danced songs of the moment.

TikTok Trending Songs

In addition to the songs above-mentioned, here are some of the other songs most used in this period on TikTok:

  • “Sex Talk” by Meghan Tee Stallion
  • “Mediterranea” by Irama
  • “Wap” by Cardi B
  • “M’ Manc “by Shablo, Sfera Ebbasta, and Geolier.
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Popular Dances on TikTok Songs

To combat boredom or to do some movement, how about trying these dances? Since we are all stranded at home for reasons related to the coronavirus emergency, it is time to try or learn some of TikTok’s most popular dances. So let’s go on with the music and dance! Here are the most popular TikTok Dances:

  • The most popular dance on TikTok right now is #Renegade, a series of movements invented by 14-year-old American Jalaiah Harmon. It is a very difficult choreography!
  • If you’ve never heard of #SaySo, there it is: a choreography made up of simple, captivating, and fun movements! It’ll not take you more than three minutes to learn!
  • And what about #Cannibaldance? The name is scary, but the choreography is easy enough. With a slowed-down tutorial, you can perfectly understand all the steps.
  • For those who love fast and decisive movements, the #Can’t Touch cannot fail to dance. Everyone on TikTok is doing it; let’s not be caught unprepared.
  • Those who are not very good as a dancer can start with #Relationshipdance. Very easy to perform.
  • Are you sunny and super-positive? The #SundayBest is for you: a simple dance that gives positivity and joy.
  • Do you know #Supalonely? Well, here there is no real choreography… give space to your imagination.
  • You can’t help but listen to the song “#Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa? Then learn its choreography.
  • The #Something New dance. This dance only has three moves; it’s not difficult.
  • #The Smeeze has only one move. The difficult part is only if you dance it in a group because if there is no coordination between the components, the choreography fails.
  • The #Get up is a pretty good choreography, and once learned, you will feel like you are in one of the Step Up movies or certainly in a high-level dance school.
  • #All Dat is very popular and easy too
  • Finally, the #Kick Into a Split movements suitable for those who have studied dance or have practiced artistic gymnastics, but also suitable for those with a super flexible body.
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FAQs About TikTok Dance

I just discovered the TikTok app. Can I make a video?

Just discovering the app doesn’t change anything. You can make a new TikTok video by following the steps above.

Can I choose the music I want in TikTok videos?

You can use any music in your videos.

When was the TikTok application established?

The TikTok application was established by the developer in 2016.

To Conclude TikTok Dances and Songs

We’ve shown you the most used songs this year in TikTok videos and how you can create videos dancing to those songs in this context.

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