Guide to Use TikTok

Guide to Use TikTok (Main Points of the App)

TikTok iOS, a social networking and music app that is met with extreme interest in China and accessible to millions of users, is an app that provides messaging service that incorporates android or even windows. Through TikTok, you can share everything you can think of, such as photos, music, videos, the location you’re in. Today we’ll talk about all the details, and it will be a guide to use TikTok.

Basic Steps

It’s not hard to learn how to use Tik Tok. You just need to implement these stages correctly. First, download the app and tap the profile icon and register with the app immediately after downloading it. You can register with this app via other social media channels, e-mail, or phone number.

After you complete your registration process, you can search for other profiles and various hashtags with the help of the lens icon at the bottom left of the app. As with any social media channel, posts of the profiles you follow fall to the home page. Users can also view messages and notifications by entering the messages section at the bottom right. 

The most important part of the time has come: the video-sharing phase. Tap the + icon in the middle of the menu at the bottom and start recording or selecting the video you want to share. You can also add music to the video you want to share on request from the “Select audio” option at the top. And after the video you want to share is finished, make your final adjustments, and share it with the world.

Challenges and Hashtags

TikTok owes it to the interactions so much and is largely focused on the hashtag (tag). While hashtags put the app in a situation where everyone is having fun, all the activities within the app allow it to be held together with the community to meet a common denominator. Similarly, there is an incentive for TikTok users to share with the contributions of the hashtags. 

How to Use TikTok

Privacy Status

When you create a TikTok account, let’s note that the account’s privacy settings are set open to everyone. Despite this, TikTok allows a simple change of privacy settings. When you convert your profile to a private account, other users also need to follow you to see, like, or comment on videos.

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Cring& Duet

The duet, one of the most preferred types of content for TikTok users, means that another new user interprets any video that another user has previously shot. In videos taken by new users, users playback to an original video.

Cringe, on the other hand, is often videos that struggle to make a better video but face failure in this goal. You may experience situations that can cause strange, absurd, or shameful or cringe-themed accounts under the hashtag cringe.


How are brands using TikTok?

So far, branded hashtags challenges seem to be TikTok’s most popular approach to brands. Several musicians and businesses, such as the NFL, Sunsilk, and Universal Pictures, have launched promotions. Such promotions inspire people to make videos around a particular hashtag, often using a specific song or series of dance moves.

What is bad about TikTok?

There’s nothing wrong with the app itself; it’s the ads, the underage users, and the content that users put out that makes it so bad. Originally TikTok ads were lip synchronous people, which is fine because lip synchronous is not that cringy.

Is TikTok closing down in 2020?

TikTok fans were losing it because of the rumor that the app would be shut down in 2020. TikTok did not address the alleged shutdown, making it extremely unlikely that the rumor is true; however, it did not stop TikTok users from asking for answers.


We hope that today’s article is a guide to using TikTok. May the power of music and dance be with you!

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