how does tiktok make money

How Does Tiktok Make Money?

Tiktok, an extremely popular social media platform, had begun to include much more innovative features than before since ByteDance acquired it. But there is still a question that many people wonder: How does Tiktok make money? According to many statements, Tiktok is one of the video apps that mostly gains money from app purchases in the world. Research by a platform called CrunchBase states that Tiktok makes close to a million dollars each year.

So, we know that one of Tiktok’s most important monetization resources is app purchases. App purchases create digital services that users purchase extra to benefit from extra fees while using the application. TikTok’s services’ price, which is count as coins, starts from 100 for $ 0.99, reaching 10,000 for $ 99.99. This creates a high range of money-making area.

What Is TikTok’s 2019 Revenue?  

Tiktok, where content creators come together, is one of the most popular platforms for determining many trends. TikTok’s 2019 revenue is 17 billion dollars. Each Tiktok accounts are some of the elements contributing to the increase of this revenue, either directly or indirectly.

TikTok make money

From Where Tiktok’s Money Mostly Comes From?

Research has focused especially on Tiktok users using the IoS operating system. Accordingly, Appstore spending constitutes a large part of the revenue source of the Tiktok application. Based on the results published by Priori Data, the Tiktok application has earned 2.5 million U.S. dollars in May 2020. The research continues: 69 percent of these earnings were made directly from Tiktok’s app through the Apple Store. Considering the expenditures made on phones with the Android operating system in addition to this earning, it will be noteworthy how high a part of Tiktok’s revenue is made by phones and in-app spending.

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TikTok Money FAQs

Does it make money to share videos on Tiktok?

No. However, sponsored videos or popular campaigns on Tiktok can earn money.

Can I gain more followers by using services such as analytics on Tiktok?

Yes. Analytics services defined for Pro accounts will help you optimize your content.

What is Tiktok’s 2018 revenue?

TikTok’s 2018 revenue is known as 7.2 billion Dollars.

Conclusion: How Does Tiktok Make Money? 

Tiktok, one of the world-famous applications for video sharing, makes a lot of money thanks to app purchase services it offers for its users. According to researches, more than half of the income of the app comes from mobile app purchases. To learn more about Instagram and social media, please check out more of our articles on our website.

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