How to Add a Songs to a TikTok Video?

TikTok is more than just a tool for sharing your excellent lip sync videos. This social media platform allows you to try a variety of things. If you face crazy challenges and don’t want to deal with dialogue, you can get close to anything in the sun. Also, the arsenal of TikTok songs and audio clips pampers you to choose from. All you have to do is upload a video, select a song, and make a recording. Yes, it’s this simple, and it’s this simplicity that makes TikTok one of the most popular apps today (among many other things). But if so, you’d like to add your songs to TikTok videos. How? Don’t worry; we’ve listed it.

Adding Music to TikTok

Assuming the music is on your phone, you just need TikTok to be installed on your phone, an account, and some free time. One of the most beautiful things about TikTok is that lip sync is simple. After learning the lyrics of the songs and getting a copy, you just need a mirror and a small app to sort the timing after you get a copy, and you’re ready to go. It’s better if you can add creative ads to this video during recording!

•Open TikTok and select “+” to create a new video.
•To open the audio menu, select “Sound” at the top of the screen.
•Preview songs from the TikTok sound library until you find a song you like.
•To add the music to your video, select the checkmark next to the song.
•Select the “Red Recording” button and prepare to record the video.
•Press the “Save” button, sync your lips and complete the video.
•Use the effects on the sidebar if you want.
•If you’re satisfied with the video, select the checkmark or Restart if you don’t want it.
•Edit your video on the following screen using the menu tools.
•Hit “Next” when you’re happy with your video.
•Add captions and hashtags if you want.
•Set the privacy option only as public or friend.
•Hit Send.

And the whole world is ready to watch you!

Adding Your Songs to TikTok

Adding your songs to TikTok may seem difficult at first glance, but with a simple tool called “BeeCut,” you can enrich your videos with any music you want. TikTok’s library won’t limit you anymore. This gives your video the upper hand to help you gain more followers and fans.

Beecut / Lightmv (Win and Mac)

BeeCut is a video editor that can be used to put your music in a TikTok video. Available both on the desktop and in the app, the video is a super handy tool that can add videos to TikTok’s favorite videos at the aspect ratio of 9:16. BeeCut is not only useful for adding music. You can also use BeeCut to add special effects, add filters, slow down video, speed up video, add stickers, and much more.

Download BeeCut by going to its website or downloading the app to your Android or OS device. Although the application is the same software as BeeCut, it is called “LightMV.”

•Open BeeCut, and then click “Media” to import your audio and video clips.
•Under “File,” select “New Project” to start editing your video, and then select “9:16 (Portrait).”
•Drag files to the edit area. You can change the video more in this area, but make sure the video and audio time is similar, one won’t interrupt the other.
•You can add filters and designs before completing the video.
•Save the result to your computer by clicking the “Export” button.
•Go back to TikTok and click the “+” button.
•Select “Upload and select your “Gallery” video in the lower-left corner.
•You can edit the video more in TikTok.
•Select “Next” and add hashtags, captions, and comments.
•Hit “Send.”

If you want to give your videos a post-production feel, you can even add a Soundtrack to TikTok.


Adding Songs to TikTok on iPhone or Android Devices

The process is very similar to how to upload a TikTok video to the desktop. Instead of using BeeCut, you use LightMV. LightMV is the same software as BeeCut. The main difference is a version of the app that is located on your phone.

LightMV / Beecut (Android and Ios)

LightMV is a video editor that you can be used to put your music in a TikTok video. It is a tool that supports videos at a 9:16 aspect ratio both on the desktop and in the app (called “BeeCut” on the desktop). LightMV specializes in making slide shows for the most part, but you can also add music, templates, pictures, and effects.

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Download the LightMV app to your Android or OS device.

•Create an account on LightMV.com.
•Open LightMV and select the “TikTok” template.
•Follow the instructions to add your photos and videos.
•Select “Change Music.” This allows you to upload your music.
•You can add filters and designs before completing the video.
•Save it to your phone by clicking the “Produce” button.
•The processing of the video will take some time. When completed, you can choose to add an email to let you know.
•Go back to TikTok and click the “+” button.
•Select “Load” in the lower-left corner.
•You can choose to edit the video more in TikTok.
•Select “Next” and add hashtags and captions.
•Select “Send.”

Easiness and Effectiveness Are Life Savers

The mechanics of creating and adding music in TikTok are very simple, but much more, timing is everything, and you’ll probably have to set the timing of audio and video for a start. Wait for a restart several times until you understand how everything works.

The effects will take some time. You have Beauty Effects with a wand that softens your skin, lifts dark areas, and often makes you look good. Color filters to add different colors to the overall feel of the video. There are lenses to choose effects such as a mask or Snapchat. For the comedy effect, there is speed control to speed up or slow down the video’s elements. You can even invest in lighting equipment to make your photos and videos look better!

When you finish recording, you can also adjust the volume levels in your video. If you think the soundtrack is too high, you can use a slider to lower the volume a little bit. It can also make the soundtrack slower.

Then there are special effects. See if there’s anything you like. You can then add a cover picture to act as a thumbnail in TikTok. This can be anything from the video, including a static or completely separate image.

As we’ve said before, the actual recording of the video is easy bits. It will take time to practice and find new ideas and then edit your video. The more time you take and practice, the more, the brighter your results will be, and the more likely you are to earn an audience after sending it to TikTok.

FAQs About TikTok And Songs

Why is TikTok So Famous?

The app became most successful in making videos where lipsyncing and dancing are performed. Bytedance merged Musical.ly and TikTok’s user accounts in 2018, merging the two platforms into one TikTok. The app has begun to increase success quite quickly with this single brand and user base.

What’s Bad About TikTok?

TikTok makes posting brief funny clips important for users, which can go viral. Yet US lawmakers have condemned TikTok for surveillance, anonymity, and the protection of children. As ByteDance, a Chinese corporation own TikTok, TikTok is worried that documents that do not alleviate China will be censored.

Why Did Musically Change Its Name to TikTok?

ByteDance wanted to make a broader contribution to the world’s musical.ly platform and incorporated TikTok material of rebrand TikTok. Their name has always been TikTok because of the lipsyncing, so they wanted a new name that would make them more aware of the app and better reflect the users of the city.

Conclusion – It’s All About Music

TikTok is all about music. There are comedians and interviewers and all sorts of practice but mainly about music and lipsync. If you’re new to the app and want to start creating your videos, you need to know how to add music and put together a video. This tutorial will show you how to do it. There are two main ways to create TikTok videos, and you can film them in the app and publish them directly or create and upload them separately. It’s both simple enough to do, and the creative side of the process is difficult! It is advantageous to have a large music library to create videos in TikTok and properly use it. All can be used within the app and can be synchronized or edited freely as you like. You can also use your music uploaded to your phone to create your 15-second reputation. It’s also simple to create outside of TikTok, but you have to provide your music. The advantage here is that you can edit on a computer with a lot more freedom than it does on the phone. If you know your way through an audio editing package, it’s even more accurate.

Thanks for reading!

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