searching for a user on tiktok

Search for a User on TikTok

You have recently registered on TikTok, and you were amazed by how much content there is; however, are you confused and do not know how to find a user on TikTok? Don’t worry; we’ll explain everything to you. The beauty of TikTok is sharing videos, and if you have no friends; then this social network loses all its functionality, so hurry up to read this guide and start immediately looking for a friend on TikTok.

So, without spending other useless words, we’ll explain immediately how to find a friend on TikTok.

Search For a User on TikTok

If you know the username used on TikTok or the display name, finding a friend on TikTok is very simple. All you have to do is open the TikTok app from your mobile phone and press the second button from the left in the bar at the bottom of the page (the button with the lens symbol).

Then write in the box above the name or username of the friend you want to search for on TikTok and then press the Search button. A screen with the search results will open (click on Users at the top), and from the list, you can search for a friend on TikTok; once found, just press the Follow button next to the friend’s name.

Find a User on TikTok via Phone Book

Another possibility to find friends on TikTok is to use the contacts in the phone book of your mobile phone; TikTok will be able to figure out which of those contacts is on TikTok and will give you all the information.

To add friends on TikTok through the phone book; you have to open the TikTok app and press the right button of the bar at the bottom (with the symbol of a little man); on the next screen, press the key at the top left (with a little man symbol and the + sign). In the following screen; click on the word Find contacts and allow Allow TikTok to access the data in your address book if requested.

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All the address book contacts will be displayed; for each contact in the address book, which is on TikTok; you will find, next to the name, the Follow button. Press it to add that person as a TikTok friend.

search a user on tiktok

Find a User on TikTok via Facebook

Another way to find a friend on TikTok is via Facebook; and the procedure is very similar to the one above.

To search for friends on TikTok via Facebook from the TikTok app, press the right button of the bar at the bottom (with the symbol of a little man), and on the next screen, press the button at the top left (with the symbol of a little man and the + sign).

In the following screen, press on the word Search Facebook friends; you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your Facebook credentials to turn on.

All Facebook friends who are also registered with TikTok will be displayed; all you have to do is press the button that says Follow next to each friend’s name to add it to your TikTok friends.

FAQs on TikTok

Can I call other users from computers, phones, and tablets on TikTok?

You can search for the user using the steps above on the computer, phone, and tablet. 

Can I write an article where I want to write on TikTok?

You can write anywhere in the app.

Can I make changes after the arrangement?

You can make any changes you want before you publish.

Conclusion on TikTok 

In this context, we explained how to search for users on the computer and mobile apps on TikTok. We hope we answered your questions.  

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