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Who Made TikTok? (ByteDance Explained)

TikTok, a source of entertainment for us with videos in our spare time, is one of the most beautiful applications. Well, have you ever asked questions like when was it founded and how much is it worth? If you asked and looking for answers to them, you are in the right place. We will answer those questions soon and save you from your curiosity.

TikTok, one of the popular applications, was published by Bytedance in China and became the most preferred application quickly. Being extremely successful, it overtakes many social media applications. Users who share short-form videos are actively using it. So TikTok, which affects many audiences from young to old, is spreading like an epidemic.

TikTok’s Worth

According to the 2020 data, the market value of TikTok, which has nearly 2 billion users, is around $ 30 billion.

The value of Chinese Bytedance is approximately 140 billion dollars.

Who Made TikTok Hype House?

Firstly, Hype house is 20 TikTok stars founded in 2019 by Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson in the United States. Not all members live there; home for them is where the team comes to collaborate and be creative. The video quality, creativity of everyone in this group, which comprises various people such as Instagram influencers, athletes, dancers, and parallel to these, the number of followers is quite high.

who made tiktok

There have been some rumors on the app in America recently. President Donald Trump said the ban on the app is on the list. While many users are object to this, Hype House was among those. Hype House has announced that in case of a possible TikTok ban, they will hold a reality show called Hype Life and enter the world of television to broadcast their videos and reach their audience. 

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FAQs on TikTok

Can a certain age group use the app?

Everyone can use it, from young people to the elderly.

Has one person created the app?

The app was created by a team of 20 people founded by Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson.

What if it is banned in the USA?

They announced that they would enter the world of television in a possible TikTok ban.

To Conclude TikTok

In this article, we talked about TikTok’s foundation, the value of the application, and the number of users. We also talked about what the team can do in a possible TikTok ban in America. Also you can check our article about how to get verified on the app.

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