Why Does the U.S. Want to Ban TikTok

Why Does the U.S. Want to Ban TikTok?

Word on the street is that the US. is going to banTikTok. It implies that the kids or roommates might likely avoid doing dance routines in front of the mirror. What is the U.S. seeking to block TikTok? The reports of the TikTok ban are both personal and somewhat misleading!

Trump’s Concerns

Just before asking us to watch Bachelor Peter Weber’s interpretive dance, Roddy Ricch said, “It’s something we’re looking at, indeed,” Trump said. “This is a huge business. Look, what happened to China with this virus, what they did to this region, and to the whole world, is a shame.”

In other terms, Trump blames China for the coronavirus. And its subsequent plummeting polling figures and seeks to respond by blocking the Chinese industry. People have feelings — especially considering that TikTok users have trolled Trump to his campaign rally.

Some Concerns

According to Bloomberg and the New York Times, there is the reason for alarm that the device gathers details from children under the age of 13 without parental permission. Which may be a breach of U.S. privacy legislation. On top of this, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo recently reported these authorities were contemplating banning the US private data security software.

Pompeo said that  Americans should not download the app if they don’t want their personal data to fall “in the hands of the Communist Party of China.”

Is the U.S. banning TikTok

FAQs About the TikTok Ban

Why TikTok is Dangerous?

Apart from its possible safety threats, TikTok does not present a clear and significant danger. Especially for young users who share videos of their own singing, dancing, and doing mysteriously humorous skits.

Does TikTok Have Inappropriate Content?

TikTok ‘s Digital Wellbeing function offers parents the option of setting limits on screen time and filtering out illegal material.

Concluding the TikTok Ban Issue

In today’s article, we’ve given you some information about the questions of TikTok getting banned by the U.S. Can we say it’s up to you to comment on how much fun this app is that wants to provide fun completely?

If you want to learn more about TikTok, please check out our other articles about it. We cover up some of the most popular topics regarding the rising app.

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